The GR8Signal application is a collaboration between LucidView (www.lucidview.net) and My Broadband (www.mybroadband.co.za) which is designed to independently log , monitor and record cellular phone signals in the Republic of South Africa. With the intention to help you make informed decisions and improve your signal experience.

This is achieved by collecting and assessing data on signal quality via an application that is installed on South African cell phones. Once a user has installed and initiated the application it will continuously measure the actual signal in the background , as well as the type of Internet connectivity that the user is experiencing at a specific locations. The application then uploads the data to gr8signal's servers (by default over WiFi only). The collected data is collated and plotted on the gr8signal website (www.gr8signal.co.za) where it is graphically represented in an easy to understand and meaningful manner.


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